Help! I have too many helpers!

Is this ever you? I admit it was me! I could never remember who my door holder was, or who my paper passer was supposed to be. So a few years ago I read a blog (and for the life of me I can't remember who it was or I would give that amazing person credit!) and she only had one helper each week who did every job. The light bulb went on for me. I needed to simplify this and make my life easier. Everyone knows I love owls, so I came up with the O.W.L. of the week. 
My O.W.L. of the week does every job. If he/she needs a helper he/she picks someone. They are the VIP, they get to be line leader, teacher's helper and best of all they get to take our class pet home.I have a stuffed owl I got from Amazon, I put it in a cute bag and this is the journal cover. 

You can get this journal cover for free here! 

This one little thing has helped me enormously! By the end of the year, everyone has gotten a chance to be the O.W.L. of the Week and it just makes life easier in general.

No more job chart hanging in my room! 
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  1. Cute idea! This could go along great with "Star of the Week"! Our district said all students need to be involved so each of my students has a job...yes that's 20 something jobs!!! They change weekly and it's worked well the past few years!

  2. I love only having one child a week! I call him/her The Apple of My Eye! It makes life easier for the teacher and students!


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